Wholesale Plant Sales

Our local Homer Alaska greenhouse produces indoor, outdoor, and tropical plants for wholesale to Kenai Peninsula distributors. We can grow plants to fill specific orders to fit the individual needs of our customers.

Plant Rental and Maintenance Service

We our proud to offer beautiful, flexible and affordable commercial plant leasing, and I am happy to explain our rental rates to you.  We can start up with as many plants as you want, then add or subtract as you like.  Leasing plants is completely flexible and affordable. The base rate for lease/ maintenance is $40/mo

All plants are guaranteed to have a thriving, beautiful appearance. Plants will be selected for the cultural and aesthetic “fit” to office ergonomics, lighting and decor.

We can help you design and fill your office or commercial space with beautiful live plants trees or shrubs and we will provide regular maintenance.

You can have the beauty and tranquility of having live plants including tropical plants, and trees in your work or commercial environment without the hassle of keeping up with the regular maintenance needed to keep them looking healthy and beautiful.

Plant Maintenance Services

Plantman’s interiorscape service is an important and effective part of the modern efficient work environment and is proven to increase work morale and productivity. Our interior lanscaping program features the use of tropical plants, flowers and containers.  Strategic placement of plant and tree varieties add varying height, color and textural interest.

Plantman interiorscape helps enhance your office environment, from individual office spaces to office atrium’s and complexes.

  • Biological controls may be used to manage plant pets in order to avoid pesticide use in public areas.
  • Balancing water and fertilization levels with plant requirements will reduce disease and pest problems and extend plant life.
  • Detailed grooming of foliage is critical to maintaining both plant health and your building’s image in high-use areas.
  • Use of sub-irrigation in contained plantings will help control maintenance and replacement costs.


Indoor House Plants & Indoor Plant Design

We grow many types of house plants, tropical plants, and plants suitable for office or commercial spaces.

Indoor plant rental / leasing rates are simple, and month-to-month interior plant leasing programs offer 100% guaranteed plant maintenance with free replacements, moves and changes. We can help you design the layout and type of plants that will work best in your home or office environment.

Benefits of Interior Plants and Trees

  • Interior plants and trees breathe, giving us oxygen and refresh the air while removing toxins and absorbing odor.
  • Plants have a positive psychological even physiological effect by bringing an “outdoors feeling” indoors.
  • Plants increase humidity in sealed air-conditioned office places, making a more comfortable environment and reducing static electricity.
  • Plants provide beauty and increase relaxing ambience by offering the eye attractive colorful focal points.

Outdoor Plant and Landscape Design

We can help you design your next landscape project and make recommendations of which type of plants, shrubs, and trees will work best for your individual project and environment.

Guaranteed Maintenance Programs

Free Plant Service Estimates or Phone Consultation

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